The collections

The collections have taken shape thanks to permanent and temporary donations from a large number of neighbours of the region. At the moment, collections in the museum are divided into three sections: household objects, farming tools and other equipment related to craft industry and services. Only objects and tools belonging to household and farm objects are shown at the permanent exhibition, while the rest are kept in the warehouse of the museum to be exhibited according to the different programmes of temporary exhibitions as well as for investigation purposes.

An important part of its funds is inventoried within the Valencian Inventory System and can be consulted on the web in the Administrative Office of Valencian Culture (Dirección General de Patrimonio Cultural de la Generalitat Valenciana): Click on ethnology (Etnologia) inside the box Inventory of Valencian furniture (Inventario Mueble de la Comnidad Valenciana). Then a menu will show up with the list of municipalities, select “Torrent” from the list.

Una part important dels seus fons es troba inventariada dins el Sistema Valencià d’Inventaris i can be found on the website of the Dirección General de Patrimonio Cultural de la Generalitat Valenciana. Menu must be selected populations Torrent, and then display the collections of the museum.